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Derek Read

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If you have Visual Studio available (ie: you're a developer type) it has a Find in Files feature.

The regular expression support in that tool is better than the basic findstr DOS command line tool mentioned previously (note that the feature in VS2005 is not XML savvy either). It might be a better option. The following kind of regular expression (together with other settings in the tool) will more closely pinpoint only those files containing specific references to files in href values:


The main advantage here is that this allows you to find filename.xml with or without a path due to the grouping capabilities and the OR "|" character available in this tool.

The other settings required for VS2005 are included in the screen capture VisualStudio2005_FindInFiles.jpg

You then end up with a report that looks similar to this:
[code]Find all "  C:1.ditamap(12):

  Matching lines: 2    Matching files: 2    Total files searched: 16[/code]