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XMetaL has APIs for adding and removing RM tabs, including the “built-in” ones.  The macros below illustrate them.

1. Save the code below to a file “MyRMTabMacros.mcr” in the XMetaL “Startup” folder.
2. Restart XMetaL.
3. Run these macros from the Macros toolbar or the Tools > Macros dialog.

1. XMetaL doesn't deal gracefully with removing all of the tabs in the RM.  It works OK, but it looks a little ugly because the RM doesn't repaint itself when there are no tabs.
2. I don't think there is a way to “shrink” the tabs.
3. There is a “RenameTab” API, but it doesn't work with the two “built-ins”.

If you'd like the tabs always to be gone when you launch XMetaL, you could try putting these API calls into an event macro such as On_Application_Open.  (When I did this in a quick test, though, it seemed a little flaky to turn them back on; I had to switch back and forth between the tabs a couple of times to get them convinced to repaint themselves.)



ResourceManager.AddTab(“Desktop”, “”);


ResourceManager.AddTab(“Assets”, “”);