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Derek Read

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OK, this needs a slightly different answer then.

Even if it was possible to use the DTDs or Schemas today, in whatever form they are currently in, we don't officially support them yet.

We plan to support 1.2 either when it is finalized, or more realistically, probably in a release available shortly after acceptance. I can't really comment on the level of support you can expect except to say that at a minimum you should be able to use the 1.2 DTDs (or possibly Schemas) with the Element List and Attribute Inspector (the basic XMetaL Author functionality that works for any DTD or Schema). Additional first class UI (dialogs, toolbars, menus, etc) would likely be added after getting feedback from our clients and partners planning to take advantage of specific 1.2 features.

Ultimately, the plan is to stay as up to date as possible on both the DITA authoring side (DTDs and editing functionality) and the publishing side (DITA OT).