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Derek Read

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OK, here's a set of demo files. They show how it is possible to reference 4 different types of files in the element in a DITA topic and have the DITA OT generate HTML that is viewable in both FireFox (ver 3) and IE (ver 7).

1. Save attached file embedding4types.zip
2. Unzip to an empty folder on your local machine such as: C:tempembeddingtest
3. Launch XMetaL Author Enterprise (I tested with 5.1).
4. Open C:tempembeddingtestobjectElementTest.ditamap
5. Select the File menu item Generate Output for DITA Map…
6. Select “Multiple HTML” as the deliverable type and generate the output to the default folder: C:tempembeddingtestmultiple_html_out
7. Not all of the referenced file types will have been copied to the output folder because the DITA OT doesn't recognize them (embedded.html is recognized). So, copy the missing files from the folder you created in step 2 into the output folder before opening the file objectelementtest.html in your browser.

You should have the following files in the output folder before you open the topic#.html files in your browser so the browser will find them (the last 4 files listed here):





For other file formats searching the 'net for the proper type attribute value (basically a mime type) supported by the various browsers will give you the value you need to put into the DITA element's type attribute value (they map 1 to 1 in this case).

Now, to get this coded into your HTML the recommended Adobe way for SWF (by including thetags) would probably require DITA OT changes. It seems that current browsers don't require that any longer though, at least in my testing with IE7 and FireFox 3, so I guess you'll need to figure out if that's really necessary or not (do you want valid strict XHTML, HTML 4.01, HTML 5, etc…). As for thestuff, my testing seems to suggest that this is not really required, but perhaps there are somesettings that control various aspects of the particular file type's viewer that you might wish to control.