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Derek Read

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It might also be worth noting that I was able to (in PlainText) mark up a DITA topic using in such a way as to get a Flash movie to appear in CHM. However…

1) This was at least a year ago and I believe Microsoft is slowly tightening their security on CHM files, so that is one thing that might break this.
2) Because CHM content is displayed using IE (the content pane) only the tags were required in the output.
3) In order for the SWF file to be embedded in the CHM I had to manually move the SWF file into the chm_out folder (or the foldername you are outputting to) and referenced it in the topic using a relative path because the DITA OT by default does not recognize this as an image file to copy over during the build process.

So, it was possible to do CHM containing SWF at some point. The same content worked identically in IE (which makes sense because CHM content is basically the same as the HTML produced by the OT). I don't seem to have any of these files. If I have time to recreate this I'll give it a try at some point.