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Derek Read

Reply to: Load XFT-Forms out of a XAC-file?

The XAC file is extracted before use by XMetaL Author and XMAX (at which point they read in all the files they contain pretty much as if you had created an “old style” customization with the CSS, CTM etc sitting beside the DTD), so you can reference it there.

One way to do that is to use the API ActiveDocument.ResourceSet.Root to build the path, something like this:

[code]Dim xftPath, dlg
xftPath = ActiveDocument.ResourceSet.Root & “myform.xft”
dlg = Application.CreateFormDlg(xftPath)

Technically, the value of Root is the folder where the .ctm file is located.

The alternative is to not use the XAC file and deploy your customization as separate files (DTD/RLX/RLS/RLD, CSS, CTM, MCR, XFTs), which are also created when you do a build in addition to the XAC file. Note that in this case the only file that is actually “compiled” is the MCR file, the rest of the files (CSS, CTM, etc) are really just copied over unmodified. In this case the same API is often useful, because you still need to provide CreateFormDlg with a full path.