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Derek Read

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You will also see errors in the Output window when a build fails as well, yes. I see most of the same errors listed in the Task List window. The following statement will throw an error:

x = 5 +

C:Documents and Settingstest1.PR-QA-XPPSP2My DocumentsVisual Studio ProjectsXMetaLProject1On_Click.vbs
error Line 11:Col 7 Syntax error

Exactly the same information (error, filename, line 11, column 7) appears in a slightly more readable fashion (for me) in the Task List.

Not all errors are found this way however. I don't believe the VS scripting validator is hooked into our APIs to know the proper spelling, properties, methods, etc, for each of them, so if you make an error like the following I don't think it will be caught until execution:


Which should be:


It does catch language specific syntax and other errors during the build phase.