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Derek Read

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XMetaL Developer plugs into Visual Studio's UI and when errors are raised you can take full advantage of all the functionality that VS provides.

Any errors identified during the build process should be listed in a window called “Task List” which should normally appear at the bottom of the VS main window. If you don't see this window you can select View (menu) > Show Tasks > Build Errors.

The Task List shows the error, the file containing the error and the line number. The description will sometimes contain the column number of the error if it was identified.

There are other things you may wish to take advantage of during debugging:

– Setting breakpoints (F9 to toggle them).
– Various ways to step through code (Step Into, Step Over, Step Out).
– Edit and continue functionality that lets you modify (some forms of) code after starting a debug session. Whether or not this is possible depends on how your code is written.
– Setting variables to “watch”. This allows you to check values as code executes (including objects and their child objects and values). It is often useful to set breakpoints to help with this so you can periodically suspend code (as a loop executes for example).

The information here might help:

Watches and the edit and continue functionality of Visual Studio's debugger are also documented by Microsoft.