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Derek Read

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You will see these types of folders created when your customization or XML files are being downloaded from a remote location (such as an HTTP server). In this case XMetaL must first download the XML or DTD/RLX/RLS and any related files (CSS, CTM, MCR with the same name as the DTD) before loading them. It is unable to load them directly into memory from such a server and can only load them from a “traditional” drive (which may be C: or a mapped drive letter or similar). By default these folders are created in your Windows %temp% location, so if you don't change things you can safely clean up these folders using any standard Windows management features, including “Disk Cleanup”.

If you wish to avoid this you can work with files stored on a local or network (shared) drive instead, or integrate with one of the many CMS systems our partners offer. As soon as you use an HTTP, HTTPS or FTP address to open or reference any file XMetaL will need to download it.

The logic for loading a CSS file is the same in the 5.x releases as it was in the 3.x releases:
1. Check in the same folder as the DTD for a .CSS file with the same filename.
2. Failing to find it in step 1, check in the location specified in the styles_path INI setting, which defaults to $SQDIRdisplay (aka: AuthorDisplay) for a .css file with the same name as the DTD.
3. Failing to find it in the previous steps a CSS file is auto-generated (starting with the 4.x releases).

With the 4.x versions and up it is also possible to create an XAC file using XMetaL Developer in which case an additional step is performed between 1 and 2 where a XAC file is looked for, expanded to a local temp folder and then the contents used). However, I assume you are not using such a file if you are using your existing 3.1 customization.