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Derek Read

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XMetaL Author supports a processing instruction that allows you to specify the path to a supporting DTD for editing well-formed documents. It puts XMetaL Author into “well formed” editing mode immediately. This is the equivalent of selecting the second option when you are prompted to browse for a DTD, checking the box “Choose auxiliary Rules/DTD/Schema”, and then browsing to the DTD.

If the DTD is placed inside the same folder as the XML document or inside the Rules folder you can use this:

If the DTD is located elsewhere you can use a full path:

Note that if you do not select a DTD (do not check the box) the PI is inserted and points to a newly created “DTD” with no content placed in the same folder as the XML document. As stated previously though, the vast majority of our clients actually use a DTD and have the customization files that go along with it so there XML renders nicely and the UI has been customized to help the users edit the document.

dcramer: you might experiment with this to see if this helps with your issue of editing external entities.