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“With a properly configured customization (DTD/XSD + CSS + CTM + MCR, etc) your end users should never see the prompt to browse for a DTD or Schema.”

Ok, you're talking about one of my favorite subjects now. I can think of some situations where they'll get this dialog:

Let's say I have a file that includes other files as entities (a.xml includes in its doctype and has &b.xml; somewhere). Now:

1. Have a.xml open and have clicked on the entity to open b.xml from a.xml. I'm editing both with all my dtd-specific customizations etc. Now I close XMetaL. Next time I open XMetaL, it opens its workspace and tries to open both a.xml and b.xml, but this time it can't figure out that b.xml is part of a.xml and should use a.xml's doctype. So you're prompted to find the dtd and do not even have the option of telling it you want to use a.xml's doctype. Your only choice is to finish opening b.xml (e.g. in plain text), close the b.xml, and reopen it from a.xml.

2. Have a.xml open and have clicked on the entity to open b.xml from a.xml as above. Now you edit b.xml with an external editor (say you want to do a search and replace across attribute values or maybe you ran a sed script across all the files to globally change something). Now you return to b.xml in XMetaL. On_Document_Activate from macros.mcr fires and you see the “The disk version of this document has changed from the version in memory.  Do you want to re-open the document?” You click “Yes” and are faced with the same useless “Find the DTD” dialog.

The situation in #2 will also happen if you have a “Reload Document” macro of your own that you want to run to reload images that have been changed by an application outside of xmetal.