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Derek Read

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The fact that your CMS does not use the Repository menu suggests that an adapter has not been created for it and that it is therefore not taking advantage of the XMetaL Connector functionality. If that is the case you can disable the following MCR file:

On any machines that have run XMetaL Author Enterprise at least once you will need to launch the application (once) with the Ctrl key held down and skip opening that last open workspace (answer “yes” to the dialog that appears) to reset toolbars to the default state and the Repository menu will disappear.

The alternative would be to use XMetaL Author Essential, which does not include XMetaL Connector at all. Note that Essential also does not include DITA support, RenderX XEP, the integrated version of the DITA Open Toolkit, nor XMetaL Reviewer Support (so if you need any of those you still need XMetaL Author Enterprise).