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Derek Read

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If you are referring to the macro recording functionality (ie: you are creating very simple macros using the XMetaL Author interface and not writing them using XMetaL Developer) there are 4 possible file locations where XMetaL Author 5.1 will append your recorded macro:

Application (All Users) =

(All Users) =

Application () =

() =

The history behind these options is fairly complicated and in part predates Windows 98 (where restrictions on writing to certain folders was non-existant). For most people having 4 options may not make sense any longer. Some users (“limited users” on XP for example) may not have the ability to save to some of these folders, while %APPDATA% should be writable for all users.

People creating macros for everyone will generally want to use XMetaL Developer and build MCR files as part of a proper customization rather than attempt to record scripts this way. The record macro functionality is limited primarily to typing text and navigating with the keyboard (it is meant for recording simple repetitive tasks by authors, not developers) and does not provide access to the 1000+ available APIs supported by XMetaL Author.