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Derek Read

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From your description it sounds like you need someone to have a look at the pretty printing settings for your customization. This is controlled in the CTM file associated with your DTD or XSD and can be altered (most easily) using XMetaL Developer.

If the people that created your customization files did not specifically address this with their design you may have a CTM file that either has pretty printing turned off entirely, or a CTM file that has auto-generated settings (either created by XMetaL Author or Developer using a fairly simplistic logic and list of oft-used English language element names). Or perhaps it was designed, but did not take your specific needs into account. For anyone that really cares about pretty printing this is really something that needs to be properly designed by a human being (rather than using the auto-generated settings).

Because you are seeing line wrapping I think you must have pretty printing enabled and that it just needs to be adjusted properly.

The CTM file is just a plain text (XML) file however, so it can be modified with most text editors. There is a “global” section for pretty printing settings (that affects everything, like line length) and then each element has its own section with settings that control how pretty printing is handled for that element and the content it contains. The tricky bit is knowing which settings do what, and that is where XMetaL Developer is most useful. Presumably the people that created your customization either have a copy or already know the format (if they don't use Developer).