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Derek Read

Reply to: RTL Support in XMetal?

There is no support for proper RTL editing in any currently shipping release (current version as of this post is 5.5). We have some incomplete work done, but as I understand it there has not been enough demand to justify completing this work yet. So far, other features we have been implementing have beaten out this one.

It is not possible to add this feature using XMetaL Developer because the XMetaL Author application (xmetal55.exe and possibly supporting DLLs) need to be modified. This editing is at a low enough level that it is not modifiable via customization using XMetaL Developer.

Given enough demand we hope to complete this work. If anyone is truly interested in this (including 'seeker') please contact XMetaL Support directly and they will put you in touch with the appropriate person to discuss the level of support you need for RTL and perhaps other requirements.