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Derek Read

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I think it might be best to submit a support case for this including any files that demonstrate the issue so we can examine what is in your XML and try to figure out how it is getting there (it sounds like you don't know who is putting these entities there). If you can provide information on how to work with your files stored on your local file system (ie: C drive) to reproduce the problem (rather than opening them from a particular CMS version which we may not have access to) that would be best.

If the entity itself is an entire table row it will not render in TagsOn or Normal view as our table rendering code does not support this. We are looking at adding such a feature in the future. However, this sounds different from the originally posted issue that talks about “LI___1” (unless that is the name of the entity containing the content for the table row).

If you are working with DITA, even though using entities is perfectly valid (part of the XML Recommendation) and there is nothing forbidding their use in the DITA specification, their usage is not recommended and the best practice for DITA is to use DITA's conref attribute for reuse (aka: content transclusion) instead. Unfortunately, XMetaL Author Enterprise currently does not support rendering of table rows that are conref'ed either (in TagsOn or Normal view). Support for this isĀ  being worked on for a future release. You may wish to read this other post as it contains a suggestion for trying the INI setting tags_on_graphical_tables = false that works with current releases (up to and including 5.5) that might be acceptable (though for most people it will be an ugly hack): http://forums.xmetal.com/index.php?topic=155.msg480#msg480