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Derek Read

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If you have a specific issue with a specific DTD or Schema it would be best to submit a case with XMetaL Support via the normal support channels.

Please include an XML sample file (or two if pasting between different documents), your DTD or Schema and customization files (CSS, CTM, MCR and any other files that might be relevant) along with exact reproduction steps containing as detailed information as possible about exactly what you are copying, from where you are copying, where you are pasting to, which view mode you are in, any additional you must perform to trigger the issue after opening the document but before the copy/paste.

If you are copying from another application please let us know what it is, the version and provide a sample file. They can test Word, Excel, and similar, but they aren't going to be able to test every 3rd party application unless there's a trial version available (in which case please provide details).

Please also let XMetaL Support know the following (pretty much every case submitted should include this information):

  • Exact XMetaL Author version number from Help > About dialog (in the form 5.x.x.xxx)
  • Windows version and major service pack (example: XP SP3, Vista, Vista SP1, etc)
  • Windows language (example: English)

In this particular case please also include your Internet Explorer version. This sounds irrelevant, but there have been conflicts in the past with specific versions of IE and some customizations which rely on some IE trickery for copy and paste operations.