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Derek Read

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This same question came in via support as well. Here is the answer we provided as it may be useful for others reading this post.

My first instinct is to think the best way handle this is to modify the XSLT that generates the HTML (part of the DITA Open Toolkit). That assumes you want to modify the look of the output consistently for a particular set of elements and inject
elements inside them for some reason.

However, it seems possible that you may want manual control over where these
elements will appear, meaning that you are looking for something you can put in your XML source that will translate into a
upon output. The closest I can think of is the element. This functions in a similar way to

but allows you to enter carriage returns, which then translate to
upon output to HTML.

If that is not acceptable I suppose you could specialize the DITA DTDs to allow inclusion of a
element within other elements (perhaps

and elsewhere) and then make modifications to the DITA OT to process these into
upon output.

XMetaL Author is an XML editor. The product can be used with any DTD, including DITA (for which we include a complete customization and an integration with the DITA Open Toolkit with XMetaL Author Enterprise). We do not publish DTD standards and so we do not control the format of the DITA DTDs.

If DITA is lacking in a particular area you should feel free to communicate that with the [url=http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/dita/]OASIS Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) TC[/url] (or even ask to join the committee).

If you feel the DITA Open Toolkit needs improvement you can raise feature requests and bugs using the “tracker” at the [url=http://sourceforge.net/projects/dita-ot/]DITA Open Toolkit Project[/url].