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Derek Read

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We have a few reports now (through XMetaL Support) reporting this but are so far unable to reproduce the problem in house so do not have a workaround for it. The issue is affecting versions 5.5 up to and including 6.0.2 (which makes sense as this part of our code is unchanged between these versions). It might affect earlier releases as well but I don't think anybody has reported that.

Unfortunately, until we can reproduce the issue here, there isn't anything I can suggest. We really do want to reproduce this (so it can be resolved) as it seems like it would be annoying to have this message popping up. However, from what I understand the transformation from Word / HTML into DITA (and subsequent paste into XMetaL) actually succeeds so this is an annoyance rather than a serious problem. Can you confirm that?

The Esc key should dismiss such dialogs (if you are looking for a way to continue to quickly paste your content). We could brute force modify the code so that it does not display this error (not actually fix the error but simply not display it as a very short term fix) but I would want to confirm that it does not seem to matter whether it is appearing or not — ie: when the error appears you seem to be getting the same results as when it is not displayed.

We are using MSXML and IE to perform one stage of the transformation of Word/HTML into DITA. Looking at our code I see that it is likely that it is this area that is failing for some people. If you could let us know which version(s) of MSXML you have installed that may be helpful in tracking down the problem. In most cases it should be listed as an entry in the “Programs and Features” list accessible via the Control Panel (this is called “Add or Remove Programs” in XP).