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I am also getting this error message. I am using:

XMetal Author Enterprise version, recently installed
Windows 7 Enterprise,English
Internet Explorer version 8.0.7600.16385

This error doesn't seem to be affecting system performance, but it is a nuisance. It occurs after I have been copying from Word 2010 and pasting into XMetal after a couple of hours or so. Once the error message pops up, it will pop up every time I paste something from Word to XMetal. Rebooting the computer will cause the message to go away for awhile, then it inevitably returns.  I'm not certain, but it seems the error is sometimes triggered when I am pasting several times in quick succession, for example when I am running down a table  and quickly pasting the same text as I cursor down a column.

Since I am running XMetal version 5.5 and IE version 8, I was curious what the solution might be and if anyone else has been running into this problem lately.