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Derek Read

Reply to: XMetaL error: strManipulateSpanStyleInformation

I've found that this error most likely will only appear when working with DITA documents, so I'm assuming that is what you are doing. This would indicate an issue with our DITA functionality and not another custom customization.

If you could let us know the following that will be very helpful:

  • XMetaL Author Enterprise version from Help > About dialog: (
  • Windows version and major service pack: (XP SP3?)
  • Windows language: (English?)
  • Do you know if your company has modified XMetaL Author in any way, including any of the DITA functionality specifically?
  • Is the error always the same? “strManipulateSpanStyleInformation”

Once I figure out what this part of our code does (the part that is raising the “strManipulateSpanStyleInformation” error) I should be able to help you narrow down what the task is that is triggering this. Ultimately what I'm looking for is information on what steps you are actually performing when this occurs so that we can try to reproduce the issue here.