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Derek Read

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Looks like we missed this (but good news at the end of my long explanation…)

The idea behind XMetaL Essential was to deliver a “clean slate” version of XMetaL Author without any of the DITA, Reviewer or Connector scripts to get in the way of anything customizers such as yourself are trying to do (basically providing you with a product as similar to our pre-DITA versions as possible —  but with all the benefits of any new APIs and UI functionality added for the 5.x releases). The DITA, Reviewer and Connector functionality is mostly implemented in additional script files added on top of XMetaL Author (basically as app-level customizations). However, we still deliver some supporting scripts that we refer to internally as the “XMDK” (this may one day be fully documented in a similar manner as our other APIs once we've nailed it down entirely). It is one of these that is interfering here.

I've asked dev to look into correcting this for a future release.

In the meantime you can tweak this file (if that is an acceptable fix for you):

C:Program FilesXMetaL 5.5AuthorStartUp__xmau_services.mcr

Alter this event's name so that it does not fire:

  • Old: "On_Application_Before_Document_New"
  • New: "On_Application_Before_Document_New DISABLED"

This .mcr file is delivered in an identical form (to keep things standardized) for both Enterprise and Essential. Enterprise uses it to do file redirection at open (to force maps to open in the Map Editor). There are no features in Essential that rely on this macro.