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Derek Read

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OK. I now see that this functionality appears to be broken in XMetaL Author Enterprise 5.5, possibly due to work we've done to support DITA or possibly CMS integrations. If I get some more information I'll try to remember to post it here. We're submitting a defect report with the dev team nonetheless. It might be necessary to wait for a future release before being able to get File_New and File_Open_Template working again, or we may never address this as XMetaL Author Enterprise might not be able to support these.

The recommended option at this time would be to use XMetaL Essential 5.5 instead of XMetaL Author Enterprise. XMetaL Essential does not include any of the DITA, Reviewer or Connector (CMS integration) functionality and would not suffer from this limitation. If you are not working with DITA and do not require CMS connectivity, nor XMetaL Reviewer support, and do not need the DITA Open Toolkit nor a licensed copy of RenderX XEP installed I would recommend this as the best fix at this time.