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> What is the original problem you are trying to solve here?

We have a Table of Contents control in a pane in the Resource Manaer that list both the documents in the TOC hierarchy and the documents in the order they apear in the filesystem. When many documents are open, it's very covenient to be able to double-click on them (either in the TOC or filesystem view) ad activate them. If they are minimized, it activates the minimized MDI window, but I'd like to be able to restore it if minimized (it's not always apparent that the double-click worked when it just slightly changes the color of a minimized child.)

I actually don't want to maximize the window, just restore it. I've noticed that XMetaL 5.5 always maximizes the previously active topic when starting up, and reorders to a cascaded view; the previous version of XMetaL that we used (4.0) would remember the window position of the documents loaded and restore that. I preferred the old behavior as it allowed me to continue where I left off after closing and restarting XMetaL.

Being able to restore the document window would just help to make it more user-friendly.