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Derek Read

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I don't believe RenderX XEP will allow you to check total number of pages until the intermediary format that XEP uses has been produced. So, to answer your question, there is no easy way to do this (no variable, etc) that I know of. Getting the total page count would probably be fairly complicated to set up as additional processing that the DITA Open Toolkit is not designed to do would probably be necessary.

Information on the XEP intermediary format is located here:

There is a element that contains a page-number attribute. Presumably you would just need to extract the last value and then inject it into the rest of the locations in that file you want it to appear (sounds easy but I don't think it will be).

If you really need this and are not able to do figure it out our Professional Services team or one of our partners might be able to do it for you. Our sales team can put you in touch.