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Derek Read

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Other Solutions:

Character Map:
If my example form is overkill (ie: you rarely need to add a particular character) you can simply copy and paste from another source or tool. Windows includes a tool called Character Map which is (when installed, which I believe it normally is now) available here (on XP):

Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Character Map

Or simply run charmap.exe” (or charmap) from a command window.

I've also heard of some 3rd party tools available that offer similar functionality, some of which try to send keystrokes to open applications so you don't have to copy and paste, however, at that point it might be nice to implement a solution like my example form so that it is a little more integrated with the product.

For characters that have an associated Windows Alt+Numpad shortcut (which you can find out using Character Map) you can use that as well as XMetaL Author supports those. The non-breaking-hyphen character happens to be one of those characters that does not have such a shortcut. In fact, in their great wisdom, Microsoft has decided the only “hyphen” character worthy of “soft hyphen” character, U+00AD, as worthy of having an Alt+Numpad shortcut (which happens to be Alt+0173).