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Thanks a lot for the advice and especially for acknowledging that it is a valid customer expectation 🙂
We already started to use the mini template, I forgot to mention.
The option in the table.xft file is definitely what I am looking for but as we always want the code snippet provided helps us in our customization.</p> <p>One question still unanswered:<br />c) Any sample code for concept-ditabase.ctm file how to redirect insertion of “table” to use dialog “Insert Table”? Any better place to customize?</p> <p>I assume I have to place a call of doTable inside the ctm file:<br /><oninsertelementlist><br />  <oninsertelement><br />    <name>table</name><br />    <insertelemscript><br />      <![CDATA[doTabel() ]]><br />    </insertelemscript><br />  </oninsertelement><br /></oninsertelementlist></p> <p>Is this correct? I have not seen any sample for <insertelemscript> …</insertelemscript>