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Derek Read

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The Journalist demo uses HTML tables and so it is quite different with regard to table structure. That customization is also implemented in a very different way for DITA in that we have a “smart insert” feature that does not always use settings in the CTM file among other things. That is why you are seeing these differences.

The quick solution to your issue (one that will work immediately) is to not use the Insert Table item from the Tables menu and instead to use the Insert Element window to insert a table. This should give you the following (as defined in the CTM file's mini template section for


<?xm-replace_text Title?>



The Insert Table properties dialog bypasses the CTM mini template settings above when creating tables. I will file a feature request to provide an option in the Insert Table dialog to allow people to optionally (as with the “Insert Header” checkbox) insert the element.</p> <p>We could try to hack around and change this functionality as it is currently implemented but the DITA functionality is still really supposed to be a closed system and it would be best to properly implement this through our development team, have it tested and then released in a future release.