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thanks for the great explanation. Yes indeed the image handling is related to the print output (PDF). Actually we have two types of images:

* Screenshot with varying sizes
These were previously inserted with a fixed DPI (180) in order to keep the size of the input fields and text consistent.

* Figures with a fixed consistent width and only varying height
Your tip to enter only a width works well here, I enter e.g. 420 px (depending on the print layout) and let Xmetal determine the height. I was only confused here because if both values are already set and I change one, then the other stays as it is. But on first insertion I enter the width only and all is fine.

I will look further into the handling of the screenshots based on your ideas. I do not fully understand the relation yet – images (e.g. a JPG) have no DPI information, only a size in px. Its the publishing program that determines the size in inches/cm from this size, based on a DPI value. So somewhere there must be a default DPI setting that determines just exactly HOW large in inches/cm a “100%-setting” is output in the PDF. If I find a sloution I will post.