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This is a slightly challenging scripting problem which I'll address separately (unless Derek or someone else beats me to it), but it is important to clarify a little terminology:

XMAX does not have any menus or toolbars.  It is a control or widget which can be embedded in any ActiveX-compatible “host application” to allow XML editing.  The host application (often a web page) is what provides menus, toolbars, or any other kinds of user interface.  The developer of the host application writes script that runs in that application and uses the XMetaL APIs to tell the XMAX control what to do with the XML document that is currently open in the control.

So to address your question more directly, there are two “parts” to what you need to do.  One part is adding buttons or other UI to your host application.  It is up to you to know how to do that.  The other part is the potentially helpful XMetaL script APIs, and I (or someone) will try to help with that.