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Derek Read

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I should first warn that making these types of changes to the DITA functionality is not officially supported at this time and that it is really a closed system. What that really means is that if you change something and can't get it working the way you like or it breaks another feature the only thing you can really do is back out of that change and restore the out of box functionality. We have two features here that sometimes work against each other, one is the standard method of making CTM file changes that apply for any DTD or Schema and the other is a feature sometimes referred to as “Smart Insert” which only affects DITA functionality and is implemented via a series of scripts. In some cases “Smart Insert” may trump the CTM settings or vice versa. We are looking at what it will take long term to make these two things play nicer together for people such as yourself.

That having been said, you might be able to get what you want. If you are saying you wish to hard code the width and height attributes for Reference type topics then you can try modifying the following file:
C:Program FilesXMetaL 5.5AuthorDITAXACsreferencereference_ditabase.ctm

The section that needs to be modified is the following one:

You can modify the content inside the CDATA section to contain any valid default content you like, including hard coded attribute values. If the content you put in there would cause the document to be invalid then the default element is inserted. There is some leniency here though, as you can leave out mandatory child nodes if you like. If you need detailed information on how CTM files work that is documented in the XMetaL Developer Customization Guide.