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Is this XMetaL 5.1?  There was an issue that had something to do with arbitrary other Windows applications and their use/release of system window resources which caused XMetaL to fail to start. For example, one time that this was happening to me, I simply closed Firefox (and killed the xmetal process via the Task Manager), and then XMetaL started just fine. (I don't think it was just Firefox, I think it could be any other applications, too. I just got lucky with a random guess that one time.)

My understanding of the problem was so poor that I don't even know if I have made a misstatement in what I said above. Perhaps one of my colleagues will weigh in with a correct technical explanation.

But I do know this issue was fixed in XMetaL 5.5. If you're seeing this in 5.5, it could be something else, and if you don't get an answer here you should drop a line to our support team via the Support page of the website.