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Derek Read

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I can think of several options here:

Modifying the Form:
1. Hire the XMetaL Professional Services team at JustSystems to make the changes for you on a contractual basis based on your requirements.
2. Contact the XMetaL Sales team to put you in touch with one of our partners to do the same work as #1.
3. Attempt to make these changes yourself. You will need a copy of XMetaL Developer which will give you access to the XMetaL Forms Layout tool. The XMetaL Forms Layout tool can be used to modify any XFT form included with the product (though it is typically used for DTDs and Schemas other than DITA). Note that once the product has been modified this way you will be responsible for supporting it yourself and if you upgrade to a future release you may need to make those changes again.
4. Contact XMetaL Support and let them know exactly which fields are missing and how you use them. If it makes sense to improve the dialog for all clients (ie: to ship an improved version with the product) then we may release a version in the future that includes these changes.

Leave the Form Alone:
1. Work in TagsOn view by editing the element directly using the Element List and Attribute Inspector. For some users this will likely require additional training.