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Derek Read

Reply to: XMetaL Author Enterprise can’t find Adobe Acrobat Distiller

I have just found out that there is an additional setting mistakenly included in some versions. This causes the product to override the ANT_PARAM_args.distiller.exe parameter and continue to look in the wrong place for Distiller.

There are two ways to correct this:

#1. Add one extra parameter (to negate the one we mistakenly included in a configuration file) so you now have three parameters set on the Advanced tab:[code]
DISTILLER_DIR  =  “C:progra~1adobeacroba~1.0distillr”
ANT_PARAM_args.distiller.exe  =  “C:progra~1adobeacroba~1.0distillracrodist.exe”
DISTILLER_PARAM  =  -n -j  “C:progra~1adobeacroba~1.0distillrsettingsstandard.joboptions”[/code]

Or #2. Modify print_dita142.xml or print_dita12.xml (or another *.xml file — see folder path below) to remove this line:
[code]SET DISTILLER_EXE=%DISTILLER_DIR%acrodist.exe[/code]

Modifying these files can really mess things up if you do something wrong. So, please be very careful. Back up originals (in a separate folder or with a file extension that is not XML) so you can restore them. Note that all XML files in this folder are read in, regardless of name.

These print_dita*.xml files will typically be installed here:

They control which deliverable types are defined in your version of XMetaL Author Enterprise and how each one functions. The section that contains the line that needs to be removed should be identified with a “config title” containing text similar to “XMetaL Enhanced PDF via RenderX XEP and Acrobat Distiller”. These XML files can be opened in XMetaL Author Enterprise as a simple customization for editing them is included.