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Playing wit css:
I rendered my sample topic without changing the defaults. The commonltr.css is copied locally and I did my edits and checked in browser. I did never delete everything but rather added and modified.
There are books and online resources to learn CSS.

Aligning formats in XMetaL and XHTML
My formats are in an spreadsheet with rows for class attribute values and columns for those CSS settings I use. This helps me to get a consistent formatting by filtering and comparing values entered. I wrote some short macros to export to CSS. My spreadsheet is my single source which helps to align the formatting. Of course, with specialization I altered the xslt, too, to get the CSS working as intended.
I would not expect a non-programmer to master this easily.

I do not use XSL-FO for PDF rendition but I assume that at least some formatting code could be generated from the same spreadsheet.

In a nutshell: it's not designed as single source but you can make it to be.