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If you have problems with any window or pane being unavailable due to multiple monitors (say you're used remote desktop to get to a machine with multiple monitors and some window is stuck on one of the others or you removed a monitor since the last time you used the application), try DisplayFusion: http://www.binaryfortress.com/displayfusion/

There's a free-as-in-beer version and it has a hot key for moving a window to the next monitor: Ctrl + Win + X

1. Install DisplayFusion
2. Open XMetaL and click the Resource Manager button to put the focus on the invisible resource manager.
3. Press Ctrl + Win + X (more than once if necessary if you have more than two monitors).

A must have if you use multiple monitors and also connect remotely. There are a few apps (or panes in apps) that don't move to the existing remote desktop window.

Hope that helps someone,