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Derek Read

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You can't use getNodesByXPath() in this particular case because of the way XMetaL keeps track of revision marking 'nodes' (in memory). In the source XML they are true and proper PIs (as you can see when you switch to Plain Text view or upon examination with another tool after saving) but for various complex reasons XMetaL Author (and XMAX) doesn't really add them directly to it's DOM node list and so DOM related calls will fail specifically (and only) for these PIs.

What do you need to with them? Do you need to 'accept' them, 'reject' them, 'accept all', 'reject all', or are you attempting to remove them, check their content, replace them with something else, etc?

There are APIs that correspond to the functions exposed in the “Accept or Reject Changes” dialog. Perhaps that is what you are looking for? The methods are: