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You can do something like this very easily by making up your own PIs.  Since they will be “known” only by you, they should be ignored by the DITA OT and other processors.  You can add custom CSS so that XMetaL will display them distinctively during editing.  For example:

Put this PI in your document:


Add this to your CSS:
$procins[xm-pi-target=”kmartin7″] {
display: inline;
color: Red;
background: Yellow;

(“Add to which CSS?”, you might justifiably ask.  In theory you should probably add it to every one of the DITA/XACs/[topicname]/[topicname]_ditabase-specialized.css files.  In practice, I would probably add it just once, to DITA/XACs/ditabase/ditabase-base-override.css, and then hopefully remember that when I upgrade/repair my XMetaL installation this file may be overwritten.)

Note about adding these in XMetaL:  You can add “custom” PIs using Insert > Advanced > Processing Instruction.  The very next thing you type should be the target (“kmartin7”) then space, then the rest of the content.  The PI will initially be styled with the default PI colors.  To have your overriding colors kick in, change between Normal/Tags On after you finish typing the PI target name.