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EDIT: Ended up fixing this by making several customization subfolders within the org.dita.pdf2 folder and using the output parameter ANT_PARAM_customization.dir = in XMetaL to point my various output scenarios towards the appropriate paths. Leaving my original message in the hopes it might be informative to others.


Sorry about the thread necromancy, but I'm having some trouble with the above also. Is the RX_CUSTOM_DIR parameter still relevant in XMetaL Author Enterprise 9.0?

I am trying to publish a PDF through Book via RenderX (i.e. plugins/org.dita.pdf2), but want to change the page margins on certain publications. Hence, I've copied the plugin folder, named it org.dita.pdf2.fullpage and made the appropriate changes to Customizationfoxslcustom-page-layouts.xsl. I've also created a new deliverable type based on the existing one and added RX_CUSTOM_DIR  =  C:ProgramDataDITA-OTDITA-OT1.6.3pluginsorg.dita.pdf2.fullpageCustomization to the output parameters.

I must be doing something wrong however, because my customizations are ignored in output. When I make the same changes to the xsl in the original folder, they do show up (regardless of whether I use the RX_CUSTOM_DIR parameter). But that of course means they show up in all publications, rather than just the ones I want. Any help would be much appreciated!

EDIT: I should mention that our PDF output was already customized previously by a consultant, so the relevant paths in catalog.xml have been changed. I'm now trying to add more customization to the previously customized files.