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Derek Read

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The DITA OT docs suggest you cannot do this for PDF2 (or PDF3, which is also based on the Idiom plug-in) but that is not something I am able to test at the moment and would likely be quite tricky to accomplish. I think it would also be a waste of effort given that it is possible to accomplish what you want (I think, still not exactly clear what changes you need to make) using the approach outlined in my last message.

The DITA OT argument in question here is “args.xsl” and the DITA OT help states the following:

args.xsl The xsl file to replace the default xsl file. It will replace dita2docbook.xsl in docbook transformation, dita2fo-shell.xsl in pdf transformation, dita2xhtml.xsl in xhtml/eclipsehelp transformation, dita2rtfImpl.xsl in word transformation and dita2html.xsl in javahelp/htmlhelp transformation.