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Derek Read

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We're not sure what you are referring to when you say “destroying” DLLs. Both products install and share some DLLs located in the following (default) path: C:Program FilesCommon FilesXMetaL Shared

There should not be an issue with having XMetaL Author and XMAX both installed on the same machine and debugging XMAX using XMetaL Developer. If someone inferred that this was a problem it should not be, however, perhaps you have a specific environment set up that caused some concern here? There may have been a warning about cleanly uninstalling such a setup (depending on how it was installed), but as this is a developer machine it would be possible to manually un-regsvr32 and remove any DLLs mistakenly left behind by one of the installers.

There is a concern about deploying both XMAX installed via the standard EXE installer and via the Internet Explorer CAB file on the same machine. This should be avoided as essentially the same DLL will then be deployed to two different locations on your machine. It should not cause any problems but it is possible in theory that an application hosting XMAX might be confused about which copy to use (and if they are different versions that might be an issue).