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There are many, many general-purpose resources on the Internet about XSLT. I'll focus here on a couple of tips that are specifically about working with XSLT in script inside of XMetaL:

1. The “ActiveDocument.xmlWithCT” property returns a string that contains your entire XML document with change-tracking PIs embedded in it. (Most other XMetaL script APIs will strip out change-tracking PIs.)

2. One way to apply XSLT transformations to some XML in script is to use the MSXML object. There are some examples of how that is done in the “multipleoutput.mcr” file that is included in the XMetaL “Startup” folder (inside Program Files). See, for example, the “doSaveAsHtml” function in that file.

NOTE: I have no idea how — or even if — you can manipulate PIs using XSLT, or MSXML. My information above is meant to be helpful under the assumption that it is possible.