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Thanks Derek – I had read that other thread yesterday as well.

Here's a scenario I'm trying to solve. I currently have the following working:

      XFT placeholder image

Where the XFT is embedded and essentially just a graphic to show that an image would be displayed there at rendering time.

In some scenarios, we have a child element that would make the image into a hotlink. e.g.

In all these cases the data we track is in attributes of the tags themselves – not any value data between elements.

Currently, I am unable to display the element in the editor, presumably due to the XFT that we have associated with the element. I tried defining the XFT as embedded and to be before element, but it didn't seem to have any impact either on where the XFT was displayed or whether the element would also be displayed. Is what I'm trying to do possible? or perhaps I just didn't quite get it defined and setup correctly.