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This issue just started happening to me as well, and interestingly, I just passed the 200 topic level too!  Rebooting fixes this. And I did review the reply to the original poster, and those conditions (unfortunately) don't apply to my situation as a cause.  Too bad, because holding down Ctrl when opening XMetal would be a fantastically easy fix! 🙂

I have other problems too:

+  A crash error every time I close XMetal,
+ Clicking the icon to reopen the program does not work.
+ Clicking the .exe to open the program from the program folder does not work.
+ A Switch/Retry error when I run a local build.*
   (* A JustSystems person said that there must be an ActiveX control that is causing this, but I don't know how that could be? In light of the numerous errors I am having aside from the Switch/Retyr error, I wonder….)

Rebooting fixes these issues, at least for now.

The last time these issues came up, I had to reinstall the program to make the issues go away. They are back again now. And, there are three other people here with the same issues. We are all using version 5.1.

We are hoping there is a patch or a fix for these problems? If anyone has input, I'd be delighted to have it!

Thanks much.