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Derek Read

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The CSS file you need to modify will be specific to your customization. With an absolute minimum customization you have the following files (where “schema” is the name of your DTD or Schema file which could literally be anything, for example “docbookx.dtd”):

schema.dtd or schema.xsd

The CSS file that is loaded will have the same filename as the DTD or XSD file (but with different extension as above) and will normally be in the same folder. Because you are creating the customization I will assume you know which DTD or XSD file you are working with.

If you are working with XMetaL Developer then you may not have the files above but instead will have a *.xac file. The files listed above will be inside the *.xac file (and are compiled into it using XMetaL Developer). However, I suspect you may not be using Developer as this information is documented in that product (perhaps arguably not as clearly as you would like it to be).

The method used to get your styling into your HTML or PDF output will vary depending on how that output is being generated but will likely require you to modify files used in that process, typically including CSS (read in by browsers), possibly XSLT (if that is used for transforming from XML to HTML) and probably XSL-FO (for PDF).