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Derek Read

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Please refer to the following topic in XMetaL Author Enterprise's help:
“Overriding base formatting”

Even though it is a subtopic inside “Working with DITA specializations” most of the information applies to the “standard” (non-specialized) DITA DTDs as well, that is, everything except “{$specialized_dtd}_ditabase-specialized.css”.

If you really need to dig into this (which would probably be helpful to understand what is going on) you can open the following file as it is the main one that loads the CSS files. Note that they are imported in a specific order because normal CSS cascading rules (W3C) apply in XMetaL just as they do in a browser.

C:Program FilesXMetaL 5.1AuthorDITAXACsditabaseditabase_ditabase.css