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I would start by asking the person who gave you those requirements for clarification. With so little context, it's unlikely that any community is going to be able to help you much. Even for the bullets I do recognize, there's so little information provided, I would hardly call those guidelines…more like a list of subjects. The reference to “Maps” in that short snippet you quote makes it sound like DITA-related requirements. If you can provide more context about your question, you might repost your on a more dita-specific venue. My understanding of this message board is that it is focused on the concerns of XMetaL, some of whom use XMetaL with DITA content (making the interaction between XMetaL and DITA fair game). By posting it on a DITA group, you'll reach many more people who know lots about DITA and will have better odds of finding someone to help you deduce what the writer of that snippet was getting at.

Good luck,