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I did a partial test, and it looks like I was right.  I'm not posting my result because it would take way too long to go through and change all 128 of those OnClick() functions!

Three followup thoughts:

1. The button names (ButtonXXX) are 1-128, but the array index is 0-127, so the assignment in OnClick() is typeChar(charInsertArray[XXX-1])

2. Something probably should be done differently with the hoverChar() function. It should probably be displaying the “insert” character not the “display” character…depends on what you want, though.

3. This modification to Derek's original (which has a simple, narrow purpose) brings it a baby-step closer to being a general-purpose form with a series of arbitrarily-labelled buttons each of which inserts some arbitrary characters into your XML.  It's tempting to redesign the form from scratch with that in mind, but that's another thing I don't have enough time to play with today.