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Every time XML is rendered in some format, there are stylesheets involved.

When XMetaL displays your content on the screen, it uses CSS stylesheets.  (This is the stuff you added to ditabase-derived.css.)

When the PDF is created, that is the DITA Open Toolkit using XSLT stylesheets.  If you got your indentation in PDF output, it was probably by editing an .xsl file somewhere.

When the HTML is created, the DITA Open Toolkit is using more .xsl stylesheets, because to an XML processor, HTML is another “output format” like PDF.  But to get the indented appearance in your HTML when it is viewed, there are even more stylesheets involved — CSS that is used by the web browser.  So to get this indentation you might need to modify two sets of stylesheets:  1) CSS stylesheets that are included with the DITA Open Toolkit and saved to the output directories along with the HTML output; and 2) .xsl files in the DITA OT — but only if you need to create some HTML attributes — something that matches up with the CSS — that are not already being created by the toolkit.