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I try hard not to start arguing whether this is a good idea what you do.

You want to try something out to get DITA fitting your needs. You did either an attribute or element specialization.
a) In case of attribute you need to assign a value to the attribute. Example:

indented paragraph

A CSS would read
[indent=”yes”] { margin-left: 10pt; }
b) in case of a element (you should start your own domain for this, do not extend OASIS domains): example:
A CSS would read
[class~=” my-domain/indent “] { margin-left: 10pt; }

Please do not mix element and attribute in XML.
Preferred implementation would be an element that is semantically named like (long quote) which is by default indented in XMetaL. Abusing for your purpose of indenting is equally acceptable as adding format driven tags like .
The highlight domain with i/b/u is a bad example as it introduces format driven tags instead of semantic ones. It is accaptable to get people starting and to demo inline tags (tags within a paragraph).

Hope this helps.